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Teaching Kids To Worship

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I had a day camp this weekend and the theme was centered around worship.

I love teaching kids about worship. After all, Isaiah 43:21 tells us we have

been created to praise God.

We had a great time teaching the kids about living a life of worship.

We taught them how to make flags and why they are important as a

tool to worship God. We also taught on the various colors and their

meanings in the Bible. And lastly we put kids into teams and told them

to come up with their own praise/worship songs.

They had to first write a verse then choose an instrumental of their choice

and create a dance. They were enjoying it so much but…

(unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t finish. I will need to do the

activity earlier in the program next time. So that is to be continued)

There is one moment that stands out when I think about the camp.

And that was the worship time. After teaching a bit on praise and worship

we had a time of dancing and singing.

The spirit of God touched the kids for sure. Some kids were on their knees

and some crying.

That drove home the importance of teaching children the importance of

praise and worship for me.

We can never stop or underestimate the importance or it.

God wants to touch children and worship and praise is one of the

vehicles He uses to accomplish that goal. Children need the presence of God

as much as us adults. So let’s make room for God to touch them by creating moments

they can praise and worship God.

What insights and revelation do you have concerning this topic?

How are you making sure that you are constantly enforcing the importance of

worship in your child/children’s lives?

I would love to hear from you!

God bless you


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